We’ve all been there … you cut into that tomato and send a stream of juice squirting across the dinner table. Well, this is kind of like that … just substitute tomato with rotting zebra carcass. Filmed by a safari guide in South Africa’s Djuma Private Game Reserve, this clip shows a leopard getting an unexpected "shower" after trying to feed on a bloated zebra carcass.

According to Candice Grover, general manager at the reserve, the zebra is believed to have died of natural causes, and was probably dead for at least a day before the big cat came across it (WARNING: the video is pretty graphic … so best you finish your lunch first).

So what’s going on here? After 24 hours of decaying in the sun, putrefying gases cause pressure to build up in the dead zebra’s stomach. As soon as the leopard pierces the stomach lining, the pressure is released in a spectacularly gory fountain of zebra juices.

“The leopard wouldn't necessarily be going for the liver, but it will start eating from the softest part of the animal, which is the underbelly,” explains Grover. And that's not just a bit of blood squirting from the bloated carcass – Grover explains that the spurting liquid is likely a choice mix of stomach juices, blood, and if the bladder was pierced, a bit of urine too.

No wonder the leopard jumped out of the way.