UPDATE 01 July 2016: After a yearlong investigation, Canadian conservation officials have charged two men under the Wildlife Act in connection with this moose-riding incident. According to reports, the suspects will be tried for harassing and attempting to capture wildlife, and hunting big game.

So it seems we can't get through a week without a foolish-human-rides-hapless-animal stunt popping up on YouTube. Last week, an unfortunate whale shark had to put up with a human hitchhiker ... and this week brings us a moose-riding incident. 

The video was reportedly filmed on a remote lake in British Colombia, Canada, last year, but has only surfaced in the past few days. In the footage,  a man can be seen leaping into the water and then onto the back of the distressed animal. Filming from the boat, his friends clearly find the stunt amusing. "I've never seen something so awesome," one can be heard saying.

According to a report in the Edmonton Journal, local conservation officials are investigating, and have already received several tipoffs pointing to the identity of the people involved. Under Candian law, wildlife harassment is considered a serious offence that carries thousands of dollars in potential fines.

We'll post updates to this story as they come in.

Top header image: postbear, Flickr