You know it's not your average Monday morning when you see a dead dinosaur being driven through the streets on the back of an open truck. With its head and tail poking out from beneath a large white sheet, a "T. rex in transit" was spotted in Brixton and other parts of south London earlier today, leaving commuters scratching their heads.

A sign for the National Geographic Channel was clearly visible on the back of the truck, a strong hint at who might be behind the dino stunt. This was later confirmed when the natural history channel tweeted from its UK account:

The prank forms part of the marketing for T. Rex Autopsy – a new programme that premieres on Nat Geo this Sunday. The innovative show centres around the "dissection" of the world’s first full-sized, anatomically complete T. rex model to shed more light on how these colossal predators may have lived. Nicknamed Edwina, the 43-foot (13m) long dinosaur model comes complete with fake blood and faeces. 

Top header image: disgustipado, Flickr