It's no secret that we at Earth Touch are a bit pangolin obsessed, so you can imagine our shock when we realised we'd overlooked something so awesome about these armoured animals: African ground pangolins (Manis temmincki) walk like dinosaurs.

Pangolin paws are equipped with three large, curved claws that make perfect tools for demolishing the nests of termites and ants – but aren't so great for walking. The solution is phenomenal. Rather than risking damage to their precious excavators, pangolins switch into rear-wheel drive when they need some extra get-up-and-go. They lollop along on their hindpaws, using their heavy tails like counter-weights. This gait-swapping strategy is known as 'faculative bipedalism'. All hail the mighty pangolin. Full stop.

pangolin gif-1-2014-7-16
pangolin gif-2-2014-7-16
pangolin gif-3-2014-7-16

Top header image: David Brossard