Lions gatecrashing your picnic, cobras under the bed and elephants at the washing line ... we've been telling you for a while that camping out in the African bush has its close calls and suitably wild encounters. And that's something photographer Alison Buttigieg discovered for herself on a recent trip to the Mabuasehube Game Reserve in Botswana when a procession of nocturnal 'visitors' turned up at the (leaking) camp shower.

The trickle of water (a rarity in the region's dry Kalahari climate), first enticed an elusive brown hyena ... followed by a group of thirsty lions. According to Buttigieg, the cats (six of them!) spent the entire night at the campsite, making the most of the amenities, wrestling with each other and 'inspecting' the camp tablecloth! After you've checked out her amazing snaps (there's a video too), you'll want to add 'always check the bathroom for lions' to your safari checklist!  

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