California sailor Michael Duffy was sleeping in the forward bunk of his boat docked at the San Diego Yacht Club when he was startled awake by loud snoring. The noise quickly stopped, so Duffy went back to sleep, assuming one of his friends had claimed a free bunk after a late night out. But when a second barking snort woke him again, he decided to take a look around.

Duffy had company alright, but not the kind he'd expected. "Right there curled up, just like a dog, on one of my bunks was a tiny, little baby sea lion," he recalls.  "I was shocked. This isn’t anything that happens. I jumped a bit because seals can be dangerous. Un-phased, the dozing pup, now dubbed "Gilligan," didn't budge when Duffy walked over to rouse him. "He was like, ‘Let me go back to sleep',” he says. "He kept looking back at me like he didn't want to go." With a bit of encouragement, Duffy managed to get Gilligan off the boat and back safely on the docks. 

Top header image: Justin Garland/Flickr