We're filing this one away in our 'Only in Australia' folder (there are plenty of other gems in there too).

A teenager in the state of Victoria came home recently to find the front seat of the family car occupied ... by a koala. Sam Box told Nine News that he'd just climbed off the school bus when he spotted the koala “trying to drive” the family's Land Rover. The natural response to seeing a wannabe marsupial motorist is – obviously – to grab your phone and take some photos, which is exactly what the 15-year-old did. 

Koalas apparently make regular appearances in this rural part of the country, but it's still pretty unusual to see them hanging out in cars. Despite being caught red-handed, the koala seemed unrepentant, and Box recalls that when he opened the car door, it simply jumped out and ambled off into the bush without a backward glance. 

The Guardian has more photos.

Top header image: Justin Brown, Flickr