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Variegated lizardfish and a colour-changing octopus


In this week's episode of Wild Oceans, our underwater crew return to the waters of Bida Nok, Thailand to film massive schools of bigeye snapper. Also on the species list this week are a pair of variegated lizardfish, a titan triggerfish building her nest, and a marbled octopus treating us to a display of magical colour-changing skills.

Stewart Whitfield

Stewart Whitfield is one of S.E. Asia's leading underwater cinematographers. He has been shooting the marine life of the coral triangle for the past ten years. Now based in Krabi on the shores of the Andaman Sea, he is commissioned regularly for films, documentaries, TV commercials and diving-focused web promotions. An outspoken environmentalist and passionate conservationist, he is closely involved with the Phuket Marine Biology Centre in educating the public on the dangers facing the marine life of the Thai Andaman Sea. See more of Stewart's underwater filming here: www.krabiimaging.com VIEW more from this CONTRIBUTOR

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