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Things that glow in the night: The wonders of fluorescent coral


Underwater filmmaker Bart Lukasik is on a mission … to find marine species that glow. In this week's episode of Wild Oceans, the crew go on a night dive in the surging waters of South Africa's Sodwana Bay in search of underwater fluorescence. This may be the first time anyone has filmed fluorescent coral species in this area, so don't miss this one!

Bart Lukasik

Bart Lukasik is an underwater cameraman and guide with Polish origins who has spent the last three years filming off the South African and Mozambican coastlines. His main focus is on capturing an amazing diversity of marine wildlife on camera as well as creating adventure-style documentaries for varied groups of divers. Visit www.bartlukasik.com to view more of his work. VIEW more from this CONTRIBUTOR

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