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Animals, Series

Saving Africa's Elephants

Wildlife poaching, worth an estimated £20 billion per year, is pushing two of the world’s most loved species, the elephant and the rhino, to the brink of extinction. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall travels the world to try and understand what’s going on, and what can be done to counter the crisis before it’s too late. From the killing in Africa, through to the illicit trafficking and on to the illegal wildlife markets of Asia, Hugh joins frontline rangers, NGOs and law enforcement agencies in his quest to find out more. His probing and undercover investigations unearth concrete evidence that a legal trade in ivory and rhino horn is not only stimulating the market, but providing cover for a flourishing black market. Armed with physical proof of this, he takes on the politicians who are doing nothing to stop it. Hugh follows the trail from the rhino and elephant corpses of Africa to the backstreets in Vietnam and Hong Kong. He investigates both Europe and the UK’s own ivory trade to expose a dark secret. And he joins another fervent ambassador for an end to the ivory trade, HRH Prince William, in a global publicity stunt to get one clear message out there: that we must end the trade in ivory and rhino horn for good. Read more

Genres: Documentary Duration: 105 minutes

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