Talk about dolphin-on-dolphin action! This crazy clip was captured this week in Monterey Bay, California, by the crew of Big Blue Live.

Despite their common name ("killer whales"), the black-and-white behemoths are actually the largest members of the dolphin family (Delphinidae), and while events like these are rare, it's not unheard of for them to attack their smaller cousins. 

"We observed very interesting interactions with humpback whales during this encounter, and long-beaked common dolphins fleeing the scene," recalls naturalist Katlyn Taylor of Monterey Bay Whale Watch (MBWW), who has been working with the film crew. "Just minutes before the helicopters arrived to begin rehearsal filming, the killer whales tossed one of the dolphins during a predation [event]!"

Over the past few years, MBWW has also observed orcas attacking Dall's porpoises and Pacific white-sided dolphins. These animals often travel in large groups, making it easy for killer whales to pick off the stragglers. "They will quietly trail the group for a while before choosing one that's lagged behind," says the team. "But they exhibit a strong fight response, making them difficult to catch."

Is this what we're seeing in the video?  Transient orcas, like the one in this video, typically feed on seals and sea lions. Because there are plenty of both in Monterey Bay, exactly what prompted the orca to go after the dolphin remains largely up in the air (no pun intended).

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