So. Many. Dolphins. Two lucky fishermen were treated to an incredible sight last weekend when a superpod of dolphins swam towards their boat off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. The duo managed to capture footage of the massive pod, which they estimate consisted of as many as a thousand individuals.

"We go fishing quite often in that area … we often see a lot of wildlife out there but nothing as big as this,” Robbie Ragless, a local resident and fisherman who uploaded the footage, told Eyewitness News.

The dolphins were filmed at about midday, and according to Ragless, the pod seemed to appear out of nowhere. “We just saw the frenzy on the horizon and didn’t know it was coming straight for us and caught ourselves right in the middle of it, which was quite cool."

After filming the dolphins gliding past (and even under) their boat, the fisherman decided to cruise alongside the colossal pod. Some YouTube viewers have expressed concern that the boat’s propellers could have posed a threat to the dolphins, which can be seen repeatedly breaching the water’s surface as they swim alongside the moving boat.

South African law is a little vague when it comes to rules regarding boating near marine life, but regulations governing whales do apply to dolphins as well. According to the laws, approaching a whale within 300 metres (984 feet) is forbidden unless you're a permitted "Boat-Based Whale Watching Operator".

Ragless has since responded to comments on YouTube by saying: “We waited for the dolphins to pass through us and only then start up our engines. We then went alongside the pod and due to the playful nature of these amazing animals, they went under the boat, in the wake, in the front ... they are super intelligent creatures and control the space they are swimming in. No dolphins were harmed during the making of this film, only entertained :)"