On most days, it's the lineup of luxury yachts that's most likely to catch your eye if you happen to be passing by the marina in Puerto Madero, one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. But this week, all the attention was focused on an unexpected arrival: a whale cruising alongside the boats.


The unusual visitor first made an appearance on Monday afternoon, and the news quickly spread on social media, bringing hundreds of curious onlookers armed with cameras to the water's edge.

It's thought the whale was likely a young calf that had become separated from the rest of its pod, possibly a minke or humpback whale. Its lost status immediately raised concerns among wildlife experts who said the animal appeared disoriented and in some distress. They also warned that the marina's freshwater environment could be potentially harmful. 

Members of the Coast Guard were called to the scene to try to guide the animal back out to sea, but it's still unclear whether the whale was able to get out safely or rejoin its pod. Watch this space for updates.

Top header image: Mark Brandon, Flickr