As humpback whales move south after breeding season, Australian locals are going to have to keep a watchful eye! Ben Gordon and Dylan Garft were kayaking just 100 metres from a beach in New South Wales when a pair of whales came gulping at the surface. 

Gordon had just pressed record on his GoPro to try to snap video of a stingray swimming through a nearby school of baitfish. "They gave us the shock of our lives ... Evident by the fact that we were screaming," he told 7News Sydney. "The fish just started jumping out of the water, and then these massive whales just came launching out! Their mouths were as wide as a kayak!"

It was an incredible encounter, but being so close to whales is dangerous. "Any closer and they would have knocked us out of our kayak," adds Garft.

Swimmers and boaters should maintain a 100 metre (300ft) distance at all times. Should you find yourself in this lucky pair's predicament, take your cue and stay put before slowly paddling away.


Top header image © Pablo Fernicola/Flickr