Sometimes, even when you get what you’re looking for, it isn’t exactly what you expected. Take these two kayakers who now have one serious whale of a tale to tell. 

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When YouTube user Johnny O and a friend set off for some kayaking in English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia, the duo was hoping to get some footage of a whale known to be cruising in the area. But when the behemoth finally surfaced, it got just a little too close for comfort – in fact, its massive tail came splashing down just feet away for the kayak.

“My heart started racing when I saw small fish swimming to the surface in a frenzy, I knew it must be close,” the pair writes on YouTube. 

As amazing as this encounter must have been, getting this close to whales in the wild can be dangerous. And while these boaters were clearly not looking to cosy up to an ocean giant, it's important to remember that these animals should be given a wide berth. 

“This was the most amazing wildlife experience of my life, a true bucket-list moment,” says Johnny. “You can hear in my voice how excited I was.”

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Top header image: Steve, Flickr