Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic might be one of the most remote and sparsely settled spots on earth, but if it's whales you want to see, you've come to the right place. This amazing drone footage captured by wildlife photographer Nansen Weber shows hundreds of beluga whales gathered at their summertime nursery grounds in Nunavut's Cunningham Inlet.

Around 2,000 beluga whales congregate in this area in summer, from mid-July to early August, to breed and raise their calves – and enjoy summer's warmer waters. It's one of the last beluga nurseries on earth. 

"This drone actually allowed me a new perspective of seeing what they're doing," Weber tells CBC News. "You can clearly see all the mothers and calves. You can see rubbing. They're just having a huge party."

It's only recently that the photographer has been able to successfully deploy drones in this cold, hostile part of the world earlier tech wasn't designed to stand up to the Arctic's strong winds and extreme temperatures.

Even now, filming here is a challenge, but for Weber, it's important to document and showcase the region's beauty, especially as the impact of climate change on the area's inhabitants grows. 

"I think it's important that people know that pristine places like this ... are one of a kind in the world," he says.


Top header image: IFAW, Flickr