We know whales are skilled underwater gymnasts, and this humpback headstand is just further proof. Known as "tail sailing", the move allows these ocean giants to cruise along by wind power, with their large flukes acting like a ship's sails. 

The behaviour, which was filmed from above in the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, has been observed in other species as well, including southern right whales, but experts are still working to unravel the motivation behind such acrobatics. 

"We're not entirely sure why the whales do this," the sanctuary's resource protection manager, Ed Lyman, said in a statement. "But we think this could be another way for them to rest, nurse, or just try to stay cool. More observations will be needed to confirm this theory."

It's important to note that while drone videos of whales are constantly blowing us away, there are strict regulations in place to ensure the 'copters don't harass these marine mammals. Vessels must stay 100 yards away at all times.

And new mothers aren't the only whales who perform the occasional "downward dog" manoeuvre. During mating season, male humpbacks will also invert in the water column, hanging upside down while they let out long, deep calls to alert nearby females of their presence: 

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