When drone photographer Justin Edwards set out to film humpback whales off the coast of Hawaii earlier this year, creating a viral video wasn't on the agenda. But when GoPro contacted him about using his footage of a mother and calf for a compilation video, that's what he got.

"Getting footage that is good enough for GoPro is something I am proud of," he says. "There was such an overwhelming response that I wanted to make a longer [video] showing the entire interaction between the mother and her newborn calf." 

A stock market trader by day, Edwards was pulled into wildlife photography by his interest in drone and RC technology, which he showcases on his blog DroneAbove.

"I love remote-control toys and I wanted to have a side project that involved doing something tangible and creative," he says. "These animals are so amazing and they deserve to have their majesty observed and respected so that we can be inspired to care for their home." 

Top header image: texaus1