Florida's crystal-clear waters offer excellent wildlife viewing – and the view is best from the top! A drone flying high above the Sunshine State recently filmed sharks and surfers sharing the stoke, and despite a few scaremongering headlines, this close encounter wasn't a close call. 

Photographer Jason Griffith was a bit concerned when he first spotted the sharks in close proximity to Fort Pierce Inlet's swell chasers. 

"I was kind of freaking out because I had no way to notify the surfers, because I was so far away with the drone," he told local news outlet WBPF. But as you can see, the animals showed little interest in the humans nearby.

"We spoke to some of the surfers and they were not even aware that there were sharks right next to them!" 

For Griffith, the footage was reason enough to steer clear of these waters, but the regulars weren't fazed. "I surf here almost every day there are waves," says YouTuber Ed Shred. "We see schools of fish and fins all the time, the spinner sharks are the coolest!"

Tooth-and-tussle shark stories regularly make the rounds online, but this footage shows what is a much more typical encounter. Nearly every ocean bather has probably spent some time in shark company – we're just usually not aware of it. 

Most (if not all) of the smaller fish in the video are schooling tarpon, and it's important to stay shark smart when swimming near potential shark prey. In Florida, these predators have been feeding on tarpon as long as we've been studying them. The fish can grow up to eight feet (2.4m) long and weigh some 350 pounds (161kg), so it's no surprise that many sharks put in the effort to chase such a hefty meal.  

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Top header image: Jason Griffith