Dental hygiene is important ... even for sharks. So before this one can show off its pearly whites, its time for a day at the dentist. Open wide!

Videographer Sean Gillespie encountered this underwater cleaning station while diving at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. Named for its abundance of tiger sharks, the popular diving destination plays home to countless other species, including lemon sharks like the one you see here. 

"Lemon sharks will lie down whenever they like, sometimes to rest, sometimes to be cleaned," Gillespie told GrindTV. "But predicting where exactly it will happen is basically impossible."

The fish in the shark's mouth is a small remora, a group of suckerfish known to hitchhike on larger animals. In exchange for temporary room and board, remoras keep their hosts devoid of parasites, dead skin, and as you can see here, food scraps. 

Should you find yourself swimming beside one however, try to keep your appendages to yourself. In addition to whales, turtles, sharks, and rays, remoras have been known to latch onto humans from time to time:


Top header image: albert kok/Flickr