When swimmers along Italy's Porto Pollo beach noticed a blue shark (Prionace glaucamaking small circles close to shore, they were initially concerned for their own safety. But that concern quickly shifted when they realised the stressed animal was tangled in fishing gear. To the applause of tourists, several locals managed to bring the beautiful shark ashore, remove the hook and line, and release it safely back into the wild. 

"They were able to immobilise it for enough time to extract the hook and unwind the line," recalls YouTuber ombracorta, who captured the ordeal on video. Successful as this rescue may have been, it’s worth noting that sharks are top predators, and it's not smart to handle them without training. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, the best course of action is to contact the local coast guard.

They don't get as much time in the spotlight as great whites, but blues are one of my favourite shark species. Their stunning colouration helps them camouflage in open water, and that sleek silhouette you see in the video makes them incredibly graceful swimmers.

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