For better or worse, the great white shark from Jaws is easily one of the most recognisable cinematic creatures of all time. And now Bruce is making his way to a new home.

This particular version of Bruce is the last remaining copy of the infamous big fish. While it was made from the same mould as the other models in the film, this particular rendition of Bruce never made its silver screen debut. It was put on display at Universal Studios after the release.

Now, the junkyard that acquired Bruce after his stint at Universal is closing down, and its owner, Nathan Addlen, has decided to donate the model to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which will open in Los Angeles next year.

The shark will join the museum's treasure trove – which also includes an underwater apparatus and fin used in both Jaws and Jaws II – as the largest object to enter the Academy Museum's collection to date.

We're sure the museum will be a great new crib for Bruce, giving thousands of people the chance to see this iconic shark in person ... but we have to admit, we’re a little jealous we can’t give the model a new home ourselves. It would have made one heck of a bath toy.


Top header image: Ramo, Flickr