Torpedo mode: engaged. Remember the "photobombing" white shark that jumped its way to internet fame during this year's Shark Week? This new video from YouTuber Skylar Thomas features yet another impressive breach filmed near South Africa's Seal Island. (If you're impatient, skip to 1:39.)

The video aims to explain white shark behaviours that are often misinterpreted by the media as attempted bites, including "mouthing", bumping and, of course, breaching. "Sharks do not have hands and that's why they use their mouths to explore their environment," explains shark biologist Mauricio Hoyos, who has encountered many whites over the years, including Deep Blue, the biggest female we've ever seen. "[In the case of sharks biting cages], they usually aren't being aggressive, but rather want to know what is there.”

Not only are these events astonishing to watch, but they also reveal clues about how great whites feed. It might look like this little shark is jumping for fun, but because breaching takes a huge amount of energy, we're guessing this is a missed attempt at lunch, or a move to dodge a larger animal below. 

Top header image: Brook Ward/Flickr