From dolphin superpods to ghoulish mystery fish, there's certainly no shortage of amazing encounters with marine life this time of year. And for fishermen in Florida, a recent trip out on the water ended in a two-for-one surprise.

Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 has been in the business of taking tourists out fishing for 50 years, but this unexpected encounter with a mako shark surprised even him!

The massive mako can be seen launching itself out of the water in an attempt to steal a large sailfish that one of Smith's group members was reeling in. "This 500-pound shark was all the way in the air with a 60-pound sailfish in his mouth, like a dog with a bone. It was unbelievable," Smith told NBC Miamiadding that he'd never seen anything like it. 

For those wondering what happened next, group member Abie Raymond, who uploaded the video to Facebook, assures viewers that the mako went free. "[It was] the most exciting trip in my life," he said. 

Adult makos average about ten feet in length, and the heaviest one ever recorded weighed in at an astounding 1,300 pounds (590kg)! As you can see here, all that weight equates to quite a bit of raw power, useful for launching yourself through the air to catch some lunch. 

With its streamlined shape, the shortfin mako is also a true speedster among shark species – the animals have been reliably clocked hitting speeds of 31 miles (50km) per hour underwater. Just check out how this one keeps up with a dredge boat in Maryland:


Top header image: J Thomas McMurray/Flickr