Aliwal Shoal on the east coast of South Africa has long been a hotspot for divers. The rocky reef is home to dozens of corals and a variety of tropical and subtropical fish. But this week, a dead whale is attracting more than just human visitors: several great white sharks have come by for a piece of the free meal.   

The clip above was shot by experienced Aliwal diver Emil Pirzenthal, who decided to jump in for a closer look at the carcass. Though several other divers took to riding the sharks (which we remind you is wildlife harassment and not a good idea), the footage does offer up a beautiful look at these amazing animals. 

As you can see in the photos below, it didn't take long for dusky and tiger sharks to join in. But as awesome as this feeding show is to watch, it's also worth noting that getting in the water when there's a floating feast around is a dangerous move. 

All images taken from boat GoPro with our heads in the water! We were so privaleged to see this right up close.

Posted by Simon Wellson Saturday, August 22, 2015

Update: More amazing footage of the feeding action has since emerged courtesy of photographer Anthony Grote