2014 01 31 Starfish
Invertebrates make up over 95% of the world’s described species ... and yet they often don't get the attention they deserve.

From crazy caterpillars to frogs that 'squeek', we love sharing our favorite animals with you. Now, thanks to 'WeirdSci Week', a monthly two-day tweet-a-thon, you can join the conversation and show us your favourite species, too!

Led by Sarah Keartes and Adam Taylor, #weirdsci week is a celebration of the incredible biodiversity we see in nature. Each month, a new taxon, or group, of animals is featured by creating a specific Twitter hashtag for the event. This month, we'll be paying homage to the not-so-few, the proud, the spineless ... the invertebrates!

Fuzzy-wuzzy mammals and other vertebrates get a lot of attention, but the 'inverts' also need our love! From sand-pooping sea cucumbers to giant African land snails, invertebrates make up over 95% of the world’s described species. And it’s time to give them the “ooh-ahh” they deserve, and learn more about them, together!

Here’s how it works: February 1st and 2nd, tweet articles, photos or videos of invertebrate animals using the hashtag #weirdinverts. This is an opportunity to share and to learn about some mind-blowing creatures. And if you have any questions, be sure to tweet them, too! At the end of our invertebrate tweet-a-thon, a storify like this will be created so that everyone can access the tweets throughout the month.

As entomologist and science blogger Gwen 'Bug Girl' Pearson has said, the invertebrates "truly are the little things that rule the world". We're so excited to see this conversation happen!

Below are a few of our favorite invertebrate resources. Go get lost in awesome!