You may think you’re pretty familiar with snails, but as is often the case, things look a bit different under the sea. In this video posted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), we get a fascinating look at pteropods and learn a bit about these amazing aquatic creatures.

Pteropoda (Greek for "wing-foot") is the Latin name for two separate groups of free-swimming (pelagic) sea snails and sea slugs. One group, the sea butterflies, have a thin shell, while the other, the sea angels, are entirely without one. 

Small as they may be, pteropods can be voracious predators, and some even turn to cannibalism to land an easy meal. But it's not all smooth sailing for these animals. They're a favourite prey item for many species of fish and are extremely sensitive to climate change. 

For another look, check out this cool video from The Plankton Chronicles: