The Plankton Chronicles Project is my new obsession. Full stop. In this microscopic series, research director Christian Sardet and his team explore the beauty and diversity of plankton (the tiny organisms adrift in our oceans).

sea urchin-12-2014-6-26
Using state-of-the-art optics, research director Christian Sarden brings plankton into view. Image:Christian Sardet/Screengrab from Vimeo.

The film Sea Urchins - Planktonic Origins (viewable at the end of the slideshow below) highlights the incredible stages of an urchin's development as it moves from egg to adult.

The short is just one of many episodes in the series, which covers everything from jellyfish to crabs. (Protip: don't let the Twilight Zone-esque voiceovers keep you from watching the rest ... because, sweet mother of Darwin, they are exquisite). This is one metamorphosis you don't want to miss.

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All images: Christian Sardet/screengrab from Vimeo