Now this is a mating manoeuvre worthy of applause. These two striated frogfish (Antennarius striatus) were spotted off the coast of Florida by the crew of Blue Water Life. The team reports they'd seen the pair together for over a month, but on this dive, things got a bit more intimate. "We noticed the female was very bloated, and the smaller male was nudging her," they recall. 

Camera in hand, the curious divers kept filming as the "nudging" turned into a forceful push by the male, which sent the female flying upwards. "She spun like crazy and expelled her egg mass, while the male released his sperm!" 

A single frogfish can expel 40,000-180,000 eggs in one go, a must when most of your babies will be gobbled up by passing fish. The eggs will stay together for several days, floating within a ribbon-like buoyant "raft" made of mucous. 

These 'whirling derfishes' (yes, I went there) may spawn several times over the coming weeks, so we hope to see more awesome videos of the behaviour pop up! 

Top header image: Teresa Zubi/Flickr