Many tourists return from a visit to South Africa's Kruger National Park with an epic wildlife tale or two. But not many can boast of a buffalo on the roof of their car...

This incredible clip, uploaded to the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel on Saturday, was filmed by Penny Osborne while on safari near Satara restcamp in central Kruger, and it shows the moment a herd of buffalo stampedes across a tar road with a pair opportunistic lions at their heels. 

Footage of the incident first emerged online last week; however, it was unclear from the initial video what had spooked the buffalo herd, leaving many viewers wondering what actually went down. A second angle [see the video below below] helps to clear up the confusion.

While the vehicle clearly took a knock or two, nobody was injured in the incident, according to Osborne. Buffaloes rank among the feared and formidable animals on the continent, so getting stuck in a stampede and emerging unharmed is a pretty lucky outcome.