If leopards got bonus points for scaring pesky tourists, this one would be doing quite well on the winners board. The ninja cat startled a safari tour in South Africa's Kruger National Park when it leapt out of the bush to nab a passing guineafowl.

The group spotted the leopard earlier on the drive, but he quickly disappeared into nearby shrubbery. They kept a watchful eye, but didn't expect the cat to emerge again. Amused as the guineafowl began running ahead of the vehicle, many tourists on board started filming the flock instead.

“Suddenly, our ranger slammed on brakes! And, out of nowhere, the leopard propelled up before us,” recalls Sujin Wong, who submitted the video to Latest Sightings. “It was very exciting and wonderful to see such a beautiful animal up close and in action!” 

Unfortunately for the leopard, this attempt at lunch ended unsuccessfully, but we're happy to report the big cat wasn't injured by the vehicle. This encounter is certainly one for the books. 


Top header image: Arno Meintjes/Flickr