Nature is equal parts fascinating and brutal. Uploded to the Kruger National Park YouTube channel, this video captures the moment a crocodile gets the drop on an unsuspecting impala while it's drinking at a waterhole. It's tough to watch, but predators have to eat too!

The clip was captured in central Kruger's Sweni Hide by Dennis Varty who watched the action unfold from a nearby picnic spot. "Our family were seated in the hide watching the crocodiles and groups of impala apprehensively coming down to drink,” says Varty. 

This situation, although exciting for onlookers, is nothing out of the ordinary. Crocodiles are ambush hunters and will take advantage of opportunities like this to nab a solid meal. Typically, they fill their bellies with fish, birds, frogs, and anything else they can easily find in the water; however, impalas are certainly on the menu, especially when they get close to the water’s edge and become fairly easy targets. 

“There was very little water in the pools," adds Varty. "And thick mud around the edges ... After the kill, other large crocodiles from the lower pool came up to challenge for a portion of the 'spoils'".  

All in all, just another amazing example of how quickly the tables can turn in the natural world! 

Header image: Stephen & Claire Farnsworth