Sydney photographer Andrew Paice was on a tour with his family on Australia's Adelaide River on Tuesday when he saw an 80-year-old saltwater crocodile (locally known as Brutus) with a juvenile bull shark clenched between its jaws.

The 5.5-metre (18 ft) croc has become quite the tourist attraction because of its missing front leg which according to local lore was lost to a shark (fact or fiction, who knows?). Brutus's toothy grin has become so popular that local tourism operations offer cruises to witness the giant's jump-feeding behaviour.

"We’d fed Brutus on the bank earlier and were coming back past," Paice tells Northern Territory News. "[We] saw something in his mouth ... Brutus took the shark back into the water and then started to shake it around a bit, [then headed] back into the mangroves like he was protecting his prey."

What was a shark doing in the Adelaide? We tend to think of sharks as ocean dwellers, but like saltwater crocodiles, bull sharks can handle both salt and fresh water. According to river cruise operator Morgan Bowman, bull sharks pop up from time to time in the area ... looks like this battle was bound to happen eventually.