We've seen them eat everything from goats to possums and porcupines, but this week, it’s kangaroos. It seems pythons are on a mission to sample a little bit of everything from the wildlife buffet. 

Recorded by a caravanning (that's RVing for you Americans) family in Queensland, this large python was caught mid-feast just behind a campsite. While there seems to be some alarm over the snake eating the 'roo whole, that's just par for the course: constrictors don't have the means to chew such a large meal. 

It’s not entirely clear how the marsupial ended up in the belly of the beast. It's possible that a battle of epic proportions played out beforehand, but it's more likely the kangaroo was injured and the python just got lucky. 

Like most large snakes, pythons are opportunistic hunters, and have been seen snacking on prey as large as antelope. A meal of this size takes a long time to digest, which means this individual won't have to eat for a while. In fact, some large snakes can get by for months without eating.

We might not know how this meal started, but we know how it ended: after a good gorge, snakes need to spend ample time basking to help with digestion. We've been there, buddy.


Top header image: OZinOH, Flickr