If it's not a woodpecker-riding weasel, it's a shark-munching bobcat ... The latest weird animal image to take the web by storm features a bobcat trying to make a meal of what experts suggest is an Atlantic sharpnose-shark.

The image was snapped on an iPhone by amateur photographer John Bailey in Florida's Sebastian Inlet State Park – and, unsurprisingly, it's garnered its fair share of photoshopping accusations.

Bailey claims the incident happened in a flash: the ambitious cat spotted the shark in shallow water and nabbed the floundering fish. The potential meal was discarded just as quickly, however, and the bobcat sprinted for the woods, leaving Bailey with only enough time to snap a single photo on his phone.

According to shark biologist and Florida resident David Shiffman, the predatory scenario is not implausible – although he has never seen or heard of anything like this before. Many terrestrial mammals are known to eat fish, so a shark-hunting bobcat is not a completely farfetched proposition. But if the photo is real, it's possibly the first time such behaviour has ever been documented. 

So, it this the real deal or just a well-crafted hoax? What do you think? 

Real Or Fake Bobcat Shark 2015 04 08


Top header image: John Thomas/Flickr