Onlookers in Bangladesh’s Lawachharha National Park got quite the show recently when a peckish python put the squeeze on Bambi.

A local forestry official, Tabibur Mia, went out to get a first-hand look after being alerted to the large reptile’s location in the park. “An 18-20 foot python has devoured an 18-kilogram deer ... I rushed there on receiving news and watched the whole thing to the end," he told bdnews24, adding that the snake’s success is good news for the park.

“In the absence of food, such animals [often] stray into human habitation. But this time, that did not happen, indicating a revival of the food chain balance,” he said.

These non-venomous snakes kill their prey by constriction, coiling tighter and tighter until their victim dies of cardiac arrest. 

A meal of this size takes a long time to digest, which means this individual won't be eating again for a while. It's also important to remember that disturbing a snake while it's eating can result in the animal regurgitating its hard-earned meal, so it's best to keep your distance.


Top header image: Paul Williams, Flickr

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