Every fall, vast schools of mullet migrate along Florida's beaches in a movable feast for ocean predators. It's an amazing marine spectacle to witness – and it's even better when you get to see it from the air (thanks, drones!).

"We spent an entire week filming the Florida mullet run with our drone and we captured some epic moments!" writes the team behind online fishing show BlacktipH.

As temperatures cool, the massive mullet migration (points for alliteration, right?) sees many thousands of fish powering south along Florida's Atlantic coast in search of warmer waters, before adult fish move offshore to spawn in the Gulf Stream. Large fish like tarpon, crevalle jack and even sharks like blacktips and spinners are hot on the mullets' silvery tails. 

South Florida's clear waters make it the perfect location for filming all the action. "This is one of the largest fish migrations on the East Coast," Joshua Jorgensen of BlacktipH told GrindTV. 

The mullet run has drawn other filmmakers to the area too, including wildlife cinematographer Jim Abernethy, who got in the water to capture the predator-prey chase scenes near Palm Beach County's Singer Island. This year has brought one of the biggest baitballs he's ever seen, Abernethy told WPTV.


h/t: GrindTV