This gator gets it: work smarter, not harder.


While struggling to reel in a sizeable redfish, this young angler lost out to an alligator who spotted a chance for an easy meal from its lurking spot beneath the pier. The clip was uploaded to the Bass Masters And Fish Experts Facebook page last week, and has already amassed over ten million views.

While the details of the video remain unclear, consensus among online commenters is that the clip was filmed in Florida, where fish-stealing gators are not unheard of. The reptiles are found in freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps and marshes across the southeastern US, but they're especially numerous in Florida and Louisiana. 

These top predators feed mainly on fish, turtles, snakes and small mammals, but they're also opportunistic eaters who will chomp down on just about anything – including a kid's prized catch.

Alligator: 1. Connor the fisherman: 0.


Top header image: Alexander Montuschi/Flickr