It looks like humans aren't the only ones gorging for the holidays! This amazing clip of a two-metre python eating a possum was captured by Brisbane cyclist Adrian Brand, who happened upon the slithering showdown near his home.  

Contrary to some reports, Brand explains that the possum wasn't dead when the battle began. "The snake was constricting the possum," he clarified on YouTube. "My guess is that it caught the possum while it was sleeping in the tree above and fell to the footpath."

Concerned for the well-being of the snake, another cyclist moved the animal off the road. We certainly don't encourage anyone to interfere with or touch wildlife – the best thing to do in this situation is to leave the animals be – but we're happy to report the snake appears to have continued devouring its meal safely off the beaten path. 

"One passing mother 'freaked out', telling her child to stay away," Brand told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I thought, 'It's got a possum in its mouth – it can't hurt your kid'. I would've happily stood there to watch the whole thing."

Check out more photos of the supersized meal in Brand's gallery!


Top header image: TroublePython/Flickr