Editor's note: Some viewers may find this footage disturbing. 

There's nothing quite like watching a hunt unfold, but when that hunt happens just outside your lodge window, it's an experience you'll never forget! This video, uploaded by Kruger National Park, shows four hungry hyenas that braved a go at a sub-adult male buffalo. Young as it may be, the buff has a serious set of horns and was no easy prey!

According to Ryan Dean Thompson, who captured the footage, it took the hyenas over three hours to successfully bring down their prey. 

"It started next to our house at African Dream Horse Safari," he wrote on YouTube. "After watching them run around the house and bush camp, the buffalo ended up running 200m into the bush. After putting up a very brave fight, the epic battle finally came to an incredible but somber end."

While the footage might be a little hard to stomach, it's a great example of pack hunting in action. Hyenas have a rep as being lowly scavengers, but the social animals are actually skilled hunters and often bring down their own prey. In the Kruger National Park, experts estimate that as much as 50 percent of their food comes from prey that they have caught themselves!


Top header image: Mosi Lager/Flickr