In most predatory frog-versus-snake scenarios, you'd be inclined to put your money on the snake. But this is Australia, and Australia has a reputation to maintain.

The hungry amphibian, identified as an Australian green tree frog by the Queensland Frog Society, has clamped its jaws around a juvenile carpet python. It's not exactly standard frog fare, but according to Queensland resident Garry Robinson, who filmed the meal outside his Ipswitch home, it's not all that unusual.

"Frogs are very opportunistic animals," he told the Queensland Times. "Something goes past their line of sight or within their smell range [and is] small enough to stick in their mouth: BAM! Food for a little while. Baby snakes, mice and cockroaches are a few of their favourite things."

Frogs' small upper-jaw teeth are no good for chewing or chomping, so food must be swallowed whole – but overall, these animals take an unfussy if-it-fits-and-moves approach to dining.

"If the opportunity presents itself, I don't think a hungry frog would turn down a slithering, scaly meal," says frog researcher Mea Trenor.

And this isn't the first time we've seen footage of a carpet python on the menu in Australia. Back in 2015, Darwin resident Mark Drescher filmed a similar scenario (though interfering with wildlife in this way is a definite no-no).

Top header image: Arthur Chapman, Flickr