When community reporter Mandy Killian woke up yesterday morning, she couldn't have guessed she'd be photographing the remains of a freshly regurgitated goat carcass before her day was done. It's not really a scenario you can predict. The goat carcass came from a five-and-a-half metre African rock python that was captured in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province by local wildlife officials following a callout.

And as if this tale wasn't bizarre enough already, it turns out the goat-guzzling python wasn't alone: it was found entangled in a slithery embrace with a shorter snake (wildlife officials believe that the two pythons were mating). Nothing like a bit of reptilian hanky-panky after a big meal!

After being captured, the snakes were safely relocated to a nearby game reserve. For the full story and more photos of this amazing encounter, visit the Ladysmith Gazette website.

2014 02 05 Posing With Python
Local wildlife officials posing with the recently captured snake.
2014 02 05 Python Close Up
Although they are not venomous, African rock pythons can still deliver a pretty nasty bite.
2014 02 05 Regurgitated Goat Python 3
After being placed in an enclosure for transport, the larger of the two snakes regurgitated its recently swallowed meal.
2014 02 05 Regurgitated Goat Python 2
Pythons swallow their prey whole and obviously this meal was nowhere near digested!
2014 02 05 Regurgitated Goat Python
The goat carcass was donated to local healers for use in traditional medicine.