A fisherman in Australia (where else?) got a sneaky surprise recently when his hard-earned catch showed up with a catch of its own.

In a video posted to YouTube by Caters Clips, fisherman Andy Warton had just finished reeling in an estuary cod off Mellville Island, in the country's Northern Territory, when he realised the fish had a reptilian meal lodged in its mouth. It appears the cod had gulped down the snake not long before getting hooked.

We like to think that few things in nature would surprise an Australian local, but as it turns out, that’s not exactly the case. "I've been fishing since I was six years old and fishing in Northern Australian waters since 1999, and I have never seen anything like this before,” Warton tells The Mirror.

Despite its lifeless appearance in the clip, Warton claims the fish was still alive when he reeled it in. "The snake had only just been eaten as it was still partly moving, despite having a big chunk of flesh out of its side."

Some reports suggest the unfortunate reptile was a deadly spotted black snake (Pseudechis guttatus), but that species is known to inhabit coastal and sub-coastal areas that lie far from Melville, like parts of Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Still, the encounter ranks among Warton's weirdest, and that's quite something for an experienced fisherman in the area. "I've seen crocodiles eat pigs and eagles, I've had big barramundi stolen by sharks, but up until this experience, I've never seen a fish with a fresh snake in its belly," he says. 

Warton adds that he released both animals back into the water to live another day, and though we predict a bleak outcome for the snake, this unusual pair-up of predator and prey is certainly one for the books.