It's World Snake Day, which means the time has come to once again test your serpent-spotting skills! An image of a superbly camouflaged copperhead was recently shared on Reddit leading to inevitable frustration as online users scoured the image for the intricately patterned snake. The challenge took on a spiritual significance for one user who commented: "There was no snake. The real snake was inside us all along."

But there is a snake. See if you can spot it:

Image © txslam/Reddit

The copperhead is a master of camouflage and its earthy colouration helps it blend perfectly into the leaf litter of its woodland habitat. Although they have a fearsome reputation, the venomous pit vipers aren't dangerous unless provoked. Copperheads are predominantly nocturnal, and will normally avoid areas with high foot traffic. Adults feed on larger prey like rodents, birds, frogs and lizards, but juveniles prefer an insect-heavy diet.

Still searching? Here's the grand reveal:


Now that your animal-spotting eyes are trained in, take a stab at finding the snow leopard hiding out on this rocky slope:

Spot the snow leopard-2015-8-30

Header image: Peter Paplanus