Staff and visitors at 4 Rivers Camp in Botswana’s Kwara Private Concession were treated to an extraordinary sighting recently: an adorable leucistic wild dog pup.

The cream-coloured dog has been observed closely and found to be healthy and happily interacting with the rest of the pack. A short video shared by Kwando Safaris shows the pup being groomed by an adult and then waddling about in the grass with its siblings.

The extraordinary sighting has garnered attention from wildlife enthusiasts and experts alike, as leucism in wild dogs is a rare occurrence that has only been recorded a handful of times in Botswana.

Leucism is a genetic mutation that prevents melanin and other pigments from being deposited in feathers, hair, or skin, and is characterised by an overall pale colour or patches of reduced colouring. This little painted dog's coat pattern is more like a blank canvas right now and the pup is continuously being monitored to ensure its safety

This is the second piece of exciting African wild dog news to make its way out of the continent in recent weeks. Earlier this year, a pair of the rare canids was spotted in Uganda for the first time in over 40 years. Wild dogs were thought to be extinct in this East African country but were recently rediscovered by an astonished resident ranger.

As news of these events spread, the importance of conservation efforts in these regions becomes even more urgent. Protected areas like the Kwara Private Concession play a crucial role in safeguarding the delicate balance of ecosystems and preserving the diverse wildlife that calls them home.