This week's Top 10 contenders are about to give you a serious case of eyelash envy. (And we don't like to pick favourites, but you've got to check out the lashes on that secretary bird!)

Ground hornbill (Image: Debbie Aird, Flickr)

Ground Hornbill Eyelashes 2014 09 09
No volumising mascara needed here! Of course, keep in mind that since birds don't have hair, these amazing 'eyelashes' are actually modified feathers.

Giraffe (Image: Heather Paul, Flickr

Giraffe Eyelashes 2014 09 09
Long necks, long lashes … everything about giraffes is OTT. The eyelashes are also great at keeping pesky ants out of the giraffes' eyes and sensing the thorns on their favourite acacia trees.

Ostrich (Image: Ross Elliott, Flickr)

Ostritch Eyelashes 2014 09 09
They might not be quite as impressive as the hornbill's, but these lashes deserve a spot on the list just because they encircle the biggest eyeballs of any land animal.

Secretary bird (Image: Bart Wursten, Flickr)

Secretary Bird Eyelashes 2014 09 09
Are these not the most flutteringly fabulous eyelashes, er, modified feathers, you've ever seen?

Kangaroo (Image: Michael Dawes, Flickr)

Kangaroo Eyelashes 2014 09 09
You need a great set of lashes to keep out the glare of the relentless Australian sun.

Elephant (Image: Adi ALGhanem, Flickr

Elephant Eyelashes 2014 09 09
Of course the planet's largest land animal has supersized eyelashes!

Llama (Image: DrJoolz, Flickr)

Llama Eyelashes 2014 09 09
Just look at these lush llama lashes (they practically invite excessive alliteration).

Camel (Image: Deven Dadbhawala, Flickr)

Camel Eyelashes 2014 09 09
So voluminous are these camel eyelashes that there's plenty of room for a few winged eyelash hitchhikers (look closely).

Yes, we're stretching the definition of eyelashes ever so slightly with these last two spots on the list – all in the name of variety and inclusiveness.   

Eyelash viper (Image: Josh More, Flickr)

Eyelash Viper 2014 09 09
This brightly coloured viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) gets its common name from the distinctive modified scales over its eyes, which are thought to help with camouflage.

Feathered horn beetle (Image: quadrapop, Flickr)

Feathered Horn Beetle 2014 09 09
The fan-like antennae of the feathered horn beetle (Rhipicera femorata) look like some fabulously flamboyant eyelashes.

Top header image: Michael Carmody, Flickr