June 5 is World Environment Day, an opportunity for people everywhere to support environmental action and raise awareness about the urgent need to protect our planet. And never has that task seemed more urgent. As we struggle through these exceptional times, one thing is clear: if we disregard the protection of our planet, we do so at our own peril. To shine a spotlight on what we stand to lose, we've put together some of our favourite nature and wildlife images captured by our crews in the field. This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature.

A pride of lions in Botswana's Okavango Delta.
A pensive-looking orangutan. Research shows that chimpanzees and orangutans can use memory cues to remember specific things a long time after they have happened, so this guy might be thinking about the past.
Above the clouds. One of the perks of being a wildlife filmmaker is waking up each day to incredible natural wonders like this one.
A tower of giraffes at the end of a rainbow.
A shark is trailed by a trio of remoras eager to attach themselves to the predator to feast on parasites.
From its vantage point in the tree canopy this giant kingfisher can search the water below for potential prey.
Caracals are rarely seen, masterful jumpers and are known for their spectacular skill at hunting birds - however this confused-looking cat might just leap in the wrong direction!
For highly social animals like dolphins, life's just more fun in crowd.
Malgas Island in South Africa's Western Cape is home to over 20,000 breeding pairs of cape gannets … that's about 25% of the world population!
The world's largest land mammals lined up for a photoshoot.
An Earth Touch camera operator films some colourful corals hidden beneath the surface off the coast of Mozambique.
It may look chilly, but penguins don't mind the frigid conditions!
Sometimes the conditions are just perfect ... this incredible sunset was photographed in Indonesia.
Copy/Paste. If only it were that easy to create duplicates of these threatened animals.
Cameraman Boris von Schoenebeck gets a kiss from an orphaned badger during filming of our National Geographic co-produced documentary "Ultimate Honey Badger".
A real-life dragon in Komodo ...