Joining Jason this week on 'The Wild Life' is Sophie Parker, acting director of Urban Conservation in the Los Angeles office of The Nature Conservancy (Twitter: @Conserve_CA). They discuss why it makes sense to think of conserving not just birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and the rest, but also micro-organisms. They also break down recent debates over whether nature should be conserved for its own sake or for the benefit of humans. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review 'The Wild Life'!

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Jason is an animal behaviour researcher, science communicator and wildlife-nerd extraordinaire whose work has been featured in countless science blogs and publications (Scientific AmericanIo9 and Conservation Magazine to name a few). Each episode of The Wild Life is essentially an in-depth conversation with someone whose work or interests revolve around animals or wildlife, on topics ranging from the science of animal behaviour and conservation biology, to animal ethics, the wildlife in your own backyard – and beyond.

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Header image: Patrick Metzdorf, Flickr