The results are in. The winning images and honourable mentions from this year's Nature Conservancy photography competition were recently announced. Selected from over 189,000 entries submitted by more than 80,000 photographers, the winning images "help connect us to the power and the peril of the natural world," the contest organisers stated in a press release.

Between The Stars – Grand Prize Winner
I photographed this moment underwater. I was able to do it by putting my camera in an underwater case, attaching it to a metal weight and placing it all under the eggs. I waited nearby for it to be dark, and when the newt appeared, I lit it with an LED lamp. I started the camera with a home-made wired remote release. It turned out 1-2 sharp pictures. © Tibor Litauszki/TNC Photo Contest 2023

The winning photos include painterly landscapes, detailed close-ups, and freeze-frame action shots of species from across the globe. But there can be only one overall winner. Photographer Tibor Litauszki from Hungary walked away with the grand prize for his underwater image of a newt eating freshly-laid frog’s eggs.

“Our annual photo contest is an inspiration," explains Alex Snyder, 2023 Global Photo Contest Director and Judging Coordinator. "Photographers from all walks of life helped give voice to nature by showing us what mattered to them. The judges and I were taken on a visual journey as we reviewed thousands of images from amateurs and professionals alike. These impactful images underscored not only the power of photography but the importance of The Nature Conservancy’s global efforts in conservation.”

Here's a look at some of our favourites:

Wolf Trinity – First Place, Mammals
Here you can see three wolves leaping through the air showcasing their enthusiasm and companionship. It's like a moment in time that captures their nature in the wild. Each wolf exudes happiness and energy with their eyes shining bright from the excitement and their strong bond as a pack. This image serves as a reminder of the elegance and charm of these animals, in their natural environment. © Siddhartha Ghosh/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Wildebeest Breakfast Balloon Safari – First Place, People & Nature
A small troupe of wild blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) watches from a safe distance as a hot air balloon lands on the Maasai Mara, spills out its breakfast safari tourists and deflates. Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya. July 2018. © Michael Hegyi/TNC Photo Contest 2023
The Rangiroa Gang – First Place, Oceans
These dolphins jumped and played in front of our boat as we crossed Rangiroa, the largest of the Tuamotu Atolls and the second largest in the world. The dolphins play in the waves with each ship that passes by. © Estebane Rezkallah/TNC Photo Contest 2023
A Cool Drink – Second Place, Freshwater
A bull elk stopping in the Oconaluftee River in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to a refreshing drink. © Alan Taylor/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Phantoms Adrift – First Place, Underwater Life
Pacific sea nettles (Chrysaora fuscescens) swarm in the murky waters of Monterey, California. August 2021. © Russell Laman/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Alien Portrait – First Place, Reptiles & Amphibians
In this photograph, the intricate skin of a Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus) is showcased in a unique way, using ultraviolet light. Scientifically proven, snakeskin exhibits a glowing effect under ultraviolet light, a phenomenon that herpetologists have utilized since the late 20th century to locate snakes in the dark. © Irina Petrova Adamatzky/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Parting The Tide – Third Place, Underwater Life
A grey reef shark parts the tide of a bait ball in the shallows of the Ningaloo Reef. This was a once in a lifetime experience, as millions of small fish were gathered together and forced into the narrow alleys of a shallow coral reef by hunting predators. This photo was taken inside the baitball, as a shark burst out, hunting its next mouthful of fish. © Daniel Nicholson/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Ser*Es - Lunático – First Place, Plants & Fungi
El Cardón, venerated by the native peoples of northwestern Argentina, surrounded by myths and legends. It is impossible not to be absorbed by its strange beauty. A direct shot on a winter moonlit night.​ Province of Salta, Argentina, 2021 © Jose Pereyra Lucena/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Shaking Off – Third Place, Mammals
Free yourself. The bear. © Luisa Pericoli/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Sound And Vision – First Place, Lands
This picture represents one the most intense moments I could remember during my life. It was September, when after a two-week wait I was lucky enough to experience an amazing mix of extraordinary elements, which I will never forget: the impressive display of the autumn colours at their peak and the first snow of the season.​ © Alessandro Carboni/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Dry Fish Pond – First Place, Freshwater
The holes dug by fish for spawning can be seen after the pond has dried up.​ Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long, Hong Kong © Jeanny Tang/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Sandhill Crane Mama Feeding Colts – Honorable Mention, Birds
I saw this sandhill crane mama feeding its colts. Taken April 8, 2023 in Gainesville, Florida. © Mario Labado/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Busy Builder – First Place, Birds
A penduline tit builds its unique nest in the marshes of Biebrza National Park, Poland. The male is shown leaving the nest to bring more material to finish up the build. © Grzegorz Długosz/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Wolf Spider Mama – First Place, Insects & Arachnids
This image is a 129 frame focus bracket of a wolf spider with her babies. I encountered her in the middle of an asphalt path during an early morning macro outing this summer. You can usually expect some movement from the kids, which could ruin a stack attempt, but they were all completely still for this set. © Benjamin Salb/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Dawn's Whispers: Graceful Hoopoe Silhouette At Sunrise – Celebrity Judge Choice
A Hoopoe took flight with its wings spread in a smooth motion across the canvas of the early-morning sky that was illuminated by the sunrise's bright hues. I saw that this bird would occasionally grab its prey in the air and other times on the ground. Additionally, I observed that each time it caught its prey, it flew in the same direction to a nearby tree.​ © Hermis Haridas/TNC Photo Contest 2023
Scarlet Kingsnake – Third Place, Reptiles & Amphibians
A scarlet kingsnake (Lampropeltis elapsoides) climbing down a pine tree presumably hunting lizards at dusk. © Joseph Mullica/TNC Photo Contest 2023