It's been a good year for wildlife clips. We've watched an octopus "dreaming", learned the perils of fishing in crocodile territory, and witnessed just how hardcore honey badgers can be. As the year winds down, here are six of the wildest clips we came across in 2019.

Honey badger vs python vs jackals

In case you were looking for confirmation of the honey badger's legendary resilience, this video of a predatory showdown filmed in Botswana should do the trick. The remarkable footage was captured by Roselyne Kerjosse while on safari in Chobe National Park. The clip shows a honey badger wrestling with a hefty python before taking on a pair of jackals. Unsurprisingly, the badger comes out on top.

Squid eggs

Researchers exploring the fjords of Norway earlier this year came across a bizarre, gelatinous orb and were initially unsure of exactly what they were looking at. They later learned that the pulsating blob was a clump of squid eggs. Squid are known for their ability to produce otherworldly mucous masses, inside which thousands of eggs are incubated. The exact science behind the masses remains a mystery.

"Run, bro, run!"

For most anglers, the chances of a crocodile bursting out of the depths to snatch your hard-earned catch are slim to none. But this is Australia. And Australia has a reputation to uphold. (Make sure your sound is on for this one ... ).

Komodo dragon hat

In a short clip that surfaced earlier this year, a Komodo dragon can be seen swaggering down a stony beach with a sizeable turtle clamped in its jaws. Any appearance by the world’s largest lizards is likely to draw some attention, but when one is wearing its quarry like a macabre victory hat, that's bordering on viral-video territory.


The silent stalk. The slinking crawl. The explosive pounce. Leopard hunts are the epitome of feline predatory prowess and witnessing one firsthand is a rare spectacle only enjoyed by a lucky few. Tourist Mario Paul joined the ranks of the "first-handers" this year when he witnessed a leopard stalk and attack an impala in South Africa's Kruger National Park.

Dreaming octopus

This mesmerising clip – a segment from a documentary called Octopus: Making Contact – offers a unique glimpse into the endlessly fascinating world of octopus cognition and behaviour. Could this colour-changing octopus really be dreaming?